Multitenant SaaS for Corporate Services Startup
Photo by Austin Distel
Product Development

Multitenant SaaS for Corporate Services Startup

Create a multi-tenant cloud-hosted platform for corporate legal services.

  • Date: 01 May 2014
  • Role: Program Manager

The Challenge

Create a SaaS platform for a legal services company looking to expand and fill a market gap left by an acquisition of a major competitor. Ensure the platform is designed so they can use it for their book of business as well as reselling to smaller competitors in the same industry as a white-label solution. The product had to be developed from scratch, quickly, and offer a low initial hosting cost with the opportunity to scale significantly.

The Solution

I assembled and lead a team of developers, designers, business analysts, and marketing specialists from multiple consultancies to deliver a new product in multiple waves of functionality. Developed in 2012, we used AngularJS to provide a bespoke, performant user experience that supported simple customers up to large public companies with complex communication rules.

  • Industry-leading Audit & Traceability: Platform was built around a versioned data strategy where the state of every record over time is tracked and related back to the specific business transaction that established it, enabling easy tracing from any state back to the organization and user that requested it and approved it.
  • Low Operating Costs: Optimized for hosting in Microsoft Azure using all Platform-as-a-Service capabilities so costs scaled with customer growth.
  • Integrated with External Services for Business Operations: Designed the platform to be event-driven and easy to integrate with external services for marketing automation, accounting, and other operations tasks.

The Results

The product provided Registered Agent services to thousands of customers within six months of launch and enabled the original company to justify a strong acquisition within two years of launch. It is still in use as of 2023.