Experienced executive ready to lead a B2B SaaS organization to produce amazing results.

I Build SaaS Companies

I’ve led teams creating SaaS solutions for over 20 years in startups and established organizations looking to reignite growth. I’ve spent years working across all the roles in successful product companies, building the wisdom to guide teams ranging from go-to-market strategy to detailed product implementation. My experience helps me give investors, customers, and team members confidence that we can - and will - compete and win in the market.

  • I Build and Lead Teams that Deliver: Combining strategic vision, experience, and a hands-on leadership style to forge high-functioning teams and processes that last.
  • I Can Bridge the Business / Technology Divide: Collaborate with company leaders, investors, and clients to define, evangelize, and deliver a product vision through technology.
  • Together We Can Create Lasting Value: Partner with the CEO to catalyze innovative products, services, and processes that enhance brands and increase long-term valuation.

I’m a Catalyst for Change

When I join an organization, I work with the existing team to rapidly make a difference for them, their customers, and their stakeholders. I’m used to getting thrown in the deep end and having to make a positive impact fast. My experience with complex technology, product, and personnel problems has given me the toolset to draw on to help teams get the most out of what they have.

To make a difference quickly, I focus on maximizing the results the current team can produce while moving in the direction of the change the organization needs to make. I work with each team member to introduce change at a measured pace and eliminate the obstacles they identify to getting things done.

I Stand for Quality for the Customer

I’m relentless about delivering a premium experience for our customers - in our products and every other touch point between our customers and us. When I started my career at John Deere, they invested heavily in teaching me that positive reputations take a long time to build and a short time to destroy. We would not betray the generations before us by sacrificing the timeless quality Deere stands for.

A quality experience goes beyond the product - it’s every interaction. I’m experienced in guiding marketing, customer service, and product teams to ensure we hit all the marks to convert users to customers for life.

I’m Ready for the Challenge

Whether it’s a ransomware event that takes out production, the need to rebuild an existing platform without customer disruption, or earning back customer trust while replacing the engineering team - I’ve jumped into some of the roughest situations in business and led teams to rise to the challenge and out-deliver, all while building confidence in themselves and our organization.