SaaS Platform for Courts

Create an inflection point for growth while modernizing the technology and processes of a well-regarded company

  • Date: 01 Nov 2019
  • Role: Chief Technology Officer / Chief Operating Officer

My Role

As combined Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, I led the daily operations of the company to implement the company’s business strategy.

I led the Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Information Technology, Client Services, and Internal Business Systems departments. I worked with the leadership of these teams to realign our people and processes to reflect our role as a SaaS technology company serving both business and government customers.

I had P & L responsibility and worked with the CEO and VP of Finance to set budgets, monitor financial performance, and report on our results to the board and the Private Equity ownership of the company.

The Challenge

The company was created through the acquisition and merger of multiple companies providing eFiling and eService to courts (and related services). This long history of serving the eFiling market meant the company had an incredibly feature-rich set of court solutions hosted in multiple platforms implemented in various technologies. Our challenge was to continue to improve the functionality, performance, and flexibility of the platform while preserving the industry-leading capabilities the company was known for.

The Solution

To maximize the security, performance, and availability of our solutions, we migrated entirely to Microsoft Azure and adopted Azure-managed Platform-as-a-Service features. Being cloud-native let us rapidly deploy Microsoft-maintained security features and enabled seamless application upgrades to ship more features faster.

We consolidated application platforms by picking the best options for each customer type and merging capabilities and data so our customers got improved performance, functionality, and reach from these upgrades.

The Results

As Chief Operating Officer

  • Grew our revenue and customers despite industry slowdown due to COVID.
  • Expanded into new markets and regions, improving the reach of the company’s brand.
  • Competed and won multiple long-term competitive contracts with state and local court systems.
  • Designed and implemented new branding and product positioning.

As Chief Technology Officer

  • Combined software platforms and reduced system maintenance overhead, accelerating delivery of new customer capabilities while keeping development costs constant.
  • Modernized software platforms through an incremental approach that eliminated system conversions and minimized technical and customer adoption risks.
  • Migrated all services with minimal downtime from colocation facilities to Microsoft Azure in six months.
  • Introduced shared microservices for key shared capabilities behind platforms, significantly reducing the total code under maintenance.