Multitenant Benefits Administration SaaS

Data-driven multitenant benefits administration SaaS

  • Date: 01 Apr 2001
  • Role: Chief Information Officer

Hands-on leadership of all company technology from its initial startup to sustained profitability with over 15 million in annual revenue from technology services.

IT Operations

Recruited and directed the IT team that designed and maintained the hosting infrastructure for Benelogic with up to 60 physical servers, and extended SAN with several storage arrays and fully redundant high-performance network, firewalls, hardware load balancing, and facilities. Established success criteria for processes and procedures and facilitated their development.

Product Development

Recruited and directed the product development team. Oversaw outsourcing partners that designed and maintained the SaaS application provided to Benelogic customers. Delivered on average four updates every year, peaking at over 1.5 million lines of code, 220 SQL tables, and a state-of-the-art SOA business transaction layer among other features.

  • Developed a specialized version of the Benelogic core product to support Wal-Mart, supporting the benefits of over 1.3 million employees enrolling over 14 days, a record in the industry at that time.
  • Established success criteria for processes and procedures and worked with the team members to continuously improve configurations management and development processes to ensure the teams delivered the best results consistently over time.

Operational Support

Collaborated with the CEO and COO to drive business strategy at the corporate level including direct operational support. Assumed responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer for four months during a critical annual business cycle.

Sales Support

Collaborated with the VP of Sales and CEO during large account sales, demonstrating the depth of our technical expertise and ability to deliver on our commitments.

IT SaaS Startup

IT SaaS Startup

Create a software company providing products and services for solving hard performance, availability, and scalability problems.